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Survives: February

Someone once said that February is the cruelest month. I myself have never been a fan of February. Not only because of the dreadful weather but because of the dreaded pressure of Valentine's Day.

Last year when I heard the Moth Storytelling Slam in New York City was hosting a slam with the theme "Love Hurts" I thought it would be a cathartic way to endure the middle of this cruel month.

My mind immediately went to stories about failed loves and heartbreak but I imagined that most of the stories would skew in that direction. So I thought back to my earliest feelings of love and sexuality.

I went to the Moth at the Housing Works Bookstore and waited in the brutal cold for an hour. Luckily I was picked that night and was able to tell the story posted below.I was also fortunate enough to win that night. I hope my humble offering warms your heart in this cold time of the year.



(click the title to hear the story)

"Everything You Wanted to Know About Billy Joe,

but Were Afraid to Ask"

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