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Celebrates: Birthday with Orange Sherbet

I was born at high noon on the 4th of July. Mom says it was 100 degrees that day. I was the third born son and weighed almost 10 lbs. God bless Momma's heart and her womb.

Perhaps because my birthday usually seems to fall on one of the hottest days of the year, Mom always made orange sherbet for my Birthday. I am not sure where the recipe comes from, but she made it for me as long as I can remember? I try and make it for myself on my birthday when I'm not back home. Honestly, the 4th of July is an odd birthday. People usually have plans and if they include me it usually involves sweaty hot barbecues, and fireworks. All great things, but not really how I ever wanted to celebrate my birthday. But what does make me feel special, cool, and loved, is Mom's orange sherbet.

Hope you have a grand celebration this 4th of July! I suggest you make this yummy cold treat, and have a big spoonful for little Ol' me. Here is the recipe. Mark's Birthday Sherbet via Betty D. Lamb Ingredients: 6 pack orange soda (Orange Crush is best) 1 can sweet condensed milk (Eagle Brand is best) 1 can crushed pineapple in heavy syrup (if you can't find it in heavy syrup drain that juice off before adding to the mix) In an ice cream freezer that can make about a gallon of sherbet, pour in all ingredients and follow directions on your freezer to make ice cream. I like the freezers you put bagged ice in with rock salt. Sometimes a bit of salt gets into the sherbet when unpacking it, and I like a touch of that sweet/salty flavor in the first serving. Let the sherbet set in the ice and cure for a while before serving. Maybe 30 minutes? (If you can wait that long.) Momma would add lots more ice to pack it in and drape an old clean towel over it while it sat up and cured. Dish out in small servings- this stuff is rich. Happy 4th! (From your resident Yankee Doodle Dandy!) Enjoy!

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