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Remembers: Father's Day

This Father's Day I will be telling a story about my Dad as part of the Metro Baptist Church's Sunday Service. I am humbled and honored to share with the congregation how my Father made an impact on mine, and so many other people's lives. I am blessed.

A version of this story was the first story I told at the Moth. I did not win that night, but I want to thank Moth Senior Producer, Jenifer Hixson for her kind words and encouragement in continuing to share my stories. She said to me "Your Father must have been an amazing man?" I think so.

I also told this story at the White Buck Winery in Union County, KY in March of this year. It was a life changing event for me. Often times, I share my stories about folks and family from back home in New York. However, rarely do I get to perform in front of the individuals I am talking about. My intention is to honor my people, and also speak the truth. I think that is what Daddy also strived to do in his life. He did a good job.

I have learned so much about myself through telling my stories, but frankly, none of this storytelling business has been easy. I must say though, when I feel the most at ease, the most connected with my words, I feel the life force of my Father, his spirit, speak through me. Not only his spirit, but the deep love he had for his community, his family, and most of all my Mother.

Love you Pops!

Hope I make you proud.

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