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Tells: Show and Tell to benefit Housing Works

After receiving a photo text message from my friend Jennifer Wilenta (affectionately known as the "Yoga Urban Fairy Princess" ) about a storytelling event to benefit Housing Works. I hightailed it over to Buy the Bag Shop http://www.housingworks.org/events/buy-the-bag/ and told my story "A Boy and His Dolly".

The event was organized by http://www.showandtellstories.com/

The concept is you bring in an object, then tell the story behind it. My BFF, Kimberly Matibag gave me a Dolly Parton doll years ago, which became my lead into telling my Dolly story. The doll is in the photo here. The photo is by my loco friend and amazing photographer, Daniel Talonia.

Then on a whim, I hopped on the train and went to the Moth storytelling Slam at the Bell House in Brooklyn. http://themoth.org/ The theme was "Boiling Point" and I told a story of someone cutting in front of me in line at the Moth and won! It was a great night of storytelling and making new friends.

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