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Community: Geranium Summer

You know Summer has arrived on my street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, when my next door neighbor Arlene puts geraniums in her pots.

Arlene just reminded me that she will turn 70 this year.

This summer, while trying to set up her porch, she took a bad fall. Everything still intact, but in a lot of pain. So this Summer I got the pleasure of planting her geraniums. I noticed that once she untangled the garden hose and began to water the plants her demeanor changed. Her pain seemed to lessen.

After watering the plants, she took a seat on her garden bench. It's here where she watches all the comings and goings of the neighborhood. Much like the official sentinel of our street.

She took a deep breath and said "I feel alive again."

About that time a woman walking her dog yelled up "Praise God! I know summer is here. Arlene is on her perch again!"

Happy Summer ya'll from Bay Ridge.

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