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I'm standing on the stage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg at the Moth Grand Slam storytelling competition telling my story. I have told this particular story many times. Then I hear myself start to adlib by referencing the story that just proceeded me. Whose voice is...



Last Summer I attended my first Moth Story Slam. Elise Long the founder of Spoke the Hub Dancing ( where I teach dance and have shown my work) suggested that I try telling a story there. I had seen a Moth mainstage event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City bu...



My Father and Mother grew up going to the movies. During their childhood, our little town, Sturgis, Kentucky was booming. I look at old photos from that era and the town looks so regal. Dad would talk about going "uptown" to see the movies. His sister, my Aunt Louise,...



One of the great joys in my life has been gardening. When I was a kid my parents had a smaller yard, but a couple of our elderly neighbors had larger yards. In order for us to have a vegetable garden Daddy would mow their yards in exchange for using a piece of their p...


You may not find this shocking, but I love iced tea. What you may find shocking is that I am not crazy about sweet tea.Most Southerners serve what I call "Tea Syrup". So cloyingly sweet it makes my teeth hurt. I am not exactly sure why, but my Mother only served sweet...


My friend Sarah Pope came out to my neighborhood to visit me on the evening of Father's Day. Both of our Father's have passed away, and we thought this might be a nice time raise a glass in their honor. 


Sarah and I try to get together every couple of months to check i...



This Father's Day I will be telling a story about my Dad as part of the Metro Baptist Church's Sunday Service. I am humbled and honored to share with the congregation how my Father made an impact on mine, and so many other people's lives.  I am blessed.


A version of t...

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