For me, storytelling comes as naturally  as country ham on a biscuit. Hailing originally from Sturgis, Kentucky, I come from a long line of storytellers.


Now these storytellers are not the kind you would find up on a stage.  But more like the kind you would find around the kitchen table, or the front porch swing. My influence comes from my Aunts, Uncles, Mamaws, folks who loved to stir up a good story! And occasionally, add a cup of sugar just to sweeten the memories.


I now reside in New York City where my work as a choreographer and performer has been recognized by the New York Times as “quietly celebratory” “gently charming” and “expression of communal joy”. I am happy to say over the past 12 months I have won 4 storytelling slam competitions at the Peabody Award winning Moth storytelling series. I won with my stories “A Boy and His Dolly”, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Billy Joe",  "Dignity Dilemma" and "Monday Nights with Matt".


I wanted to create this blog to share a bit of how I move through life.


Years ago, I quickly realized, that as an artist, I would need to wear many hats. Instead of compartmentalizing each activity, and becoming overwhelmed, I started to see how there is a common thread that informs my work.  Whether it be a subtle gesture from one of my dance students, what I eat, how I interact with my community, or even what I notice in my environment. In essence taking a moment to stop and smell the roses.


I hope this gives you a glimpse into what I consider an integrated life as an artist, educator, foodie, designer, community acitvist, and fellow human. More importantly I hope it inspires you to see the artist in you.


Photo by Daniel Talonia 


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